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Essien C.
March 22, 2013

Ok... Where do I start. Let me just start off by saying that I am as high maintenance as they come especially when it comes to my hair so therefore only the BEST can touch my hair (literally). Lady B has been my hairstylist for almost 10yrs and I won't go to anywhere else except her. Let me tell you the reason she is the best in Dallas. She is very passionate about doing hair and it reflects on her work. I say that because there are a lot of hair stylists out here who are not passionate about doing hair and it also reflects in their work. Secondly, she pays attention to detail - yes ladies she really does which means your hair will always come out perfect. Thirdly, she can do any kind of hair. I have seen people with some hair challenges walk into her shop and by the time she was finished when them you would not believe that was the same person. Simply she is the best. So the bottom line is stop stressing out about who is going to do your hair, call Lady B Salon and ask for Bridget the BEST wave expert, tree braid expert, cut expert and more.

Angela K.

May 22, 2012
Awesome Work!!! I was looking for a good salon that did twists using yarn. I looked on the internet and Lady B Salon was the first to pop up . I read eveyone of her reviews and they were all talking about her great work. So I took some time out and went for a consultation and met and talked w/Bridget. By doing so made me feel very comfortable. For someone who has never been to a salon, I had a very good and relaxing experience. I want to give a special thanks to two lovely ladies Mrs. Ida & Zainabo for doing a fantastic job. Thank you so much for taking care of my long natural hair & transforming it into something I always wanted. More blessings ladies

May 12, 2012
My search is over! Finally a Flawless Weave!!!!!. I have spent thousands of dollars on stylists at top downtown Dallas salons that provided mediocre service with disatisfying results. I have finally found a stylist who truly delivers flawless, natural sew-ins in Dallas at a reasonable price. Bridgette's sew-in techniques and service are exceptional! My sew-ins have lasted for months without tracks showing or falling down. I made the big chop in 2010 and Bridgette's sew-ins and treatments have grown my hair down to my shoulders. She is patient and takes pride in delivering the style that you desire. This salon does not overbook or charge outragous prices.

May 08, 2012
Wow, she is an amazing stylist, who cares about her clients. She is so pleasant, timely and talented in braids & weaves. Luv her!

April 26, 2012
Out of This World Hair Weaving!!!. This has been by far the best hair extension job I have EVER received! Not only does Lady B pay close attention to detail, but she can cut and style to your liking with just a picture you have! The extensions are tight and lay flat for a super natural look. I have found my stylist for life!!

October 15, 2011
simply the best!!. Lady B is the best salon in Dallas. I have been going there for a whole year and there is nothing she cannot do. The shop is customer friendly, she is a people's person and most of all she does know how to do her job. She hook you up very nicely. her micro braids are good and extensions one cannot even tell that you have one on. I recommend her to everyone. Go check her out you will not regret it.

Aisha Jame
October 12, 2011
Amazing Natural Hair Extensions!. Bridgette, owner of Lady B Salon is the only stylist I will go to for extensions and natural looking weaves. I am a model and very particular about my hair. I have gone to many different stylist searching for someone that can create the look I want for an affordable price. Being in the modeling/acting industry I must have versatility with hair styles for a various different natural looks. With the advanced techniques that Bridgette uses I am able to wear my hair in many different styles. I highly recommend Lady B Salon. What makes Bridgette unique compared to other Salons is her professionalism and willingness to create the style that YOU are asking for.

September 02, 2010
Outstanding Hair Extensions!. Bridget, with Lady B Salon, is the only Beautician in the DFW Metroplex that I allow to do my Hair Extensions. She ALWAYS does such an excellent & beautiful job on my Sewn-in extensions & Microbraids. She also does a great job at making sure to keep your hair healthy in the process. My real hair is about shoulder length and she's very careful whenever she's adding extensions. I've been getting my hair done with her for the past couple of years now and I can honestly say, I've never been disappointed and that she's really the only Beautician I allow to touch my hair. Her Salon is very calm & relaxing and everyone is very professional. Bridget takes pride in her work and it definitely shows in her Clients hairdo.

September 01, 2010
Excellent Job!. I arrived from Sweeden in need of pinch braids, I usually had to fly to Minneapolis( which is where the factory for pinch braids is located). I was informed that in the enitre state of Texas no salon provided this service until I found Lady B Salon. She does a great job and her prices are by far more reasonable than Minneapolis, so no more traveling for me! While there I also received hair color from Val a former employee of Ulta Salon he does an excellent job with hair coloring. I definitely recommend Lady B Salon to anyone seeking pinch braids/coloring they are life savers.

September 01, 2010
One Of A Kind. The absolute best salon ever! I have had Lupus for 7years and this is the first salon that has been able to manintain damaged hair due to medications and stress. Bridget takes extreme pride in her work and always ensures that her clients leave satisfied. Each visit she has always surpassed my expectations, her goal is to grow and keep your hair healthy at all times, which is a great quality to have in a stylist. Just like the stylist and the work done here, Lady B Salon is a wonderful place to get your hair done. The overall mood is warm and relaxing who could ask for anything more....there are numerous other salons but this by far is the BEST!

August 17, 2010
The Best Top Rated Salon. I have never experienced a salon like Lady B Salon. The creativity and orginality of Bridget's work is outstanding. I can not imagine going to another beauty salon. My entire family are clients at Lady B Salon. What an awesome atomsphere!!!

August 09, 2010
Best Brazilian keratin. I am from Brazil and I have been to many salon in Dallas and I finaly found a really good Brazilian hair was so damage and after the keratin my hair became so shiny and healthy ...I am so happy and the customer service was awesome....they know how to take care of your hair and the prices are very reasonable as compare to others salons.

August 04, 2010
best salon ever. as a brazillian, i will recommend this salon because the work was brilliant and excellent. It was just like I was in Brazil, getting the brazilian blow-out. My hair was really beautiful and it lasted for about 4mnts. they give you tips as to how to maintain your hair. They even give you shampoo and conditioner to help maintian it. I also did pinch braids and it was really well done. Check her out she is friendly and treat you with respect. You feel welcome and know that this is professional work.

August 03, 2010
Awesome Extensions. Lady B uses tecniques to minimize hair breakage while still maintaining style & beauty.

July 11, 2010
Check Her Out!. I have been a customer of Lady B for several years(over 10) She is reliable, does a great job and really makes an effort to meet and exceed the customers desire. I have gotten weaves, twists, micros, sengalese twists and yarn twists. Most important to me, is that she stays on schedule. If she is running late, she calls and lets me know. She also does my daughters hair, which is thick, long and requires time a patience. I would and have recommended Lady B to several acquaintances. Her prices are also competitive but usually lower then others. Service is by far better then many salons visted. Check her out!

July 09, 2010
Awesome Service. I visited Lady B Salon and was extermely impressed with the prices,professionalism,and location by North Park Mall. I had Pinch braids and 4mnths later I went back for a Brazilian Keratin. My hair looks better than ever, no friss,a lot of shine, and major body! I highly recommend this salon for the pinch braids and Brazilian Keratin!

July 05, 2010
Beautiful and Excellent Work!. I've been going to Lady B for almost eight years now! After living on the East Coast and West Coast and seeing and experiencing some of the top invisible braiders around, Lady B is by far one of the best invisible braiders in the industry. Another plus is when she finishes your hair she actually gives you a beautiful, natural looking cut! She can also do any other kind of braiding and weaving that you desire. Just show her a picture and she can duplicate it! From kinky twists to micros to sew-ins! So if you want good quality, natural looking hair extensions...Lady B is the way to go! You will love your hair and all of the compliments and attention it will bring you. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!!

June 28, 2010

Brazilian Karetin. I did my brazilan keratin at Lady B salon for the first time and my hair color was great and wonderful. Ever since I have been there five times and received full satisfaction all the times. When i discover Lady b saloon, it was also an opportunity for me to discover that i have been spending so much in other salons compared to Ladyb salon. in short, the prices are affordable . I want to recommmend this salon to any one wanting to do brazilian keratin or hair color.

June 26, 2010
Best Braids in Dallas. Lady B Salon is the best!!! I love long locks and wear nothing but weaves and microbraids. Yesterday I had a combination of invisible and microbraids put in and the look is absolutely flawless. Lady B herself is professional and her braiders are wonderful!!! They made me feel comfortable and anyone who has had to sit through micros can appreciate being comfortable. I don't have to look no further, Lady B Salon is affordable, professional, and creative!

Aurora Hobbs
June 23, 2010
Hair Happy!!!!. I have been going to Lady B's for over 6 years and my hair was very hard to grow past my shoulders. My hair is now grown past my shoulders and very healthy. I keep it in braids and weaves cause its more manageable. My friends don't even know Im wearing a weave, my hair looks so natural.

June 23, 2010
One Stop Shop!. I am a faithful customer! I have had sew-ins and invisible micros done at this salon and I am in love with the work. I get nothing but the best compliments daily. The braids are done so perfectly no one even knows they are braids. I will continue seeing my stylist and a plus is that my hair has grown about 5 if you looking a great stylist for cut, color. braids whatever please look no further...they do it all!!

June 18, 2010
Best place to get Brazilian Keratin. I had tried several salons to do the brazilian keratin. No one could get it right. I saw a lady at walmart who had it done really nice. she directed me to them and i a still thankful she did. I finally found someone who really can do brazillian keratin. I am also usually very picky about my hair color, so i do it myself. Seeing how they did colors on other customers, i was confident to let them do mine, they were able to get the perfect color match. They really take their time to consult with you so they are sure you will be happy with the results. And did i mention how low their prices are??? just call them, you'll see